I have always loved words

their power to carve meaning

or to obscure it.

Sometimes words baffle and scare me with their duplicitous multiplicities of potential meanings

sometimes I get lost in waffle

sometimes I can cut to the point.

I like to write,

because it is another way to crack open the


And out comes flowing…

Who knows what?

Thing is, if you don’t write it, you won’t know.

Sometimes you have to Just Write.

Write Yourself

Write Whatever

And along the way you may encounter that almighty beast

the inner critic

She doesn’t want you to write anything.

I am setting my bird free.

This Blog is my journey.

Sometimes its even a little too candid for me.

And I am affected by moods.

I am honest and like writing about real experience.

But maybe by weaving and weaving away

if a single thread here or there is spun

which is beautiful, challenging or good

then I am happy.