Moods, Medusa, Fear and Creativity

I have always often been subject to whatever mood i'm in and have let that dictate how things roll. For example, when I was doing my degree in English Literature, if I did not emphatically relate to a text in an emotive way then I struggled to write about it; I literally had to feel… Continue reading Moods, Medusa, Fear and Creativity

Sneaking popcorn into the cinema :/

  On the last occasion I smuggled popcorn into the cinema it was my daughters birthday and we were going to see Black Panther. It was so good. Being a woman of slender means I decided to buy a few bags of £1 popcorn and a few bottles of cheap  pop to save on the… Continue reading Sneaking popcorn into the cinema :/

The Blues

  All my life, yes actually (I have to double check that) but really, most of my life I’ve seesawed between feeling fine and feeling sodden. Sodden with a kind of all consuming sadness that is. For example, one day in my present life I can be cycling along taking in sight, sound and humanity… Continue reading The Blues

Transience of words: in blog writing

I've read a few blogs about blogging and how good it is to blog and things like that. I wanted to blog because I sometimes really need to write and I sometimes really like to. It's a nice way to see your words and ideas formatted on a tidy page and if anyone reads it… Continue reading Transience of words: in blog writing