Sad mothers club. One’s flown the nest. Writing about feelings.

I can't deny I was a wreck, a total wreck and felt utterly bereaved. I wanted to take away this horrendous empty feeling that was left as my son went off to university 60 miles away for chrissake. I felt almost utterly ridiculous at how lost, lonely and sad I was. I'd have laughed if… Continue reading Sad mothers club. One’s flown the nest. Writing about feelings.

The Blues

  All my life, yes actually (I have to double check that) but really, most of my life I’ve seesawed between feeling fine and feeling sodden. Sodden with a kind of all consuming sadness that is. For example, one day in my present life I can be cycling along taking in sight, sound and humanity… Continue reading The Blues

Motherhood and the need to be Alone

It is a rare occasion that I am alone and able to relish the delights of it. Motherhood is an odd one. It can come into your life when you are perhaps quite young; I was a pregnant 19 year old and gave birth a few weeks after my 20th birthday. Whatever age, it's all… Continue reading Motherhood and the need to be Alone