Moods, Medusa, Fear and Creativity

I have always often been subject to whatever mood i'm in and have let that dictate how things roll. For example, when I was doing my degree in English Literature, if I did not emphatically relate to a text in an emotive way then I struggled to write about it; I literally had to feel… Continue reading Moods, Medusa, Fear and Creativity

Question to self: What’s the big deal with taking medication for mental unwellness?

I don't actually know where to begin, but I am going to try to begin right here. My personal experience is medication on and off since I was in my early 20’s. Prozac first, followed by a descent into worse symptoms followed by a diagnosis of bi polar 2 followed by medication and being under… Continue reading Question to self: What’s the big deal with taking medication for mental unwellness?

When your mind is a war zone

trying to define mental anguish. I can only say there’s an invisible war zone in your own head and the smallest things are threatening and the smallest things trigger irrational anxiety. When in this zone it’s so strange to look about you and see people behaving so normally and relaxed and this is how the… Continue reading When your mind is a war zone

The Blues

  All my life, yes actually (I have to double check that) but really, most of my life I’ve seesawed between feeling fine and feeling sodden. Sodden with a kind of all consuming sadness that is. For example, one day in my present life I can be cycling along taking in sight, sound and humanity… Continue reading The Blues

At the Crossroads

I’m still damn blue. No amount of omega 3 oil, vitamin c, or any of it seems to be removing my nature of cyclothymic sadness. I've been tracking days to see a pattern and it’s pretty much three weeks of melancholic misery followed by one week of feeling pretty good and forgetting about life, death,… Continue reading At the Crossroads