Sneaking popcorn into the cinema :/

  On the last occasion I smuggled popcorn into the cinema it was my daughters birthday and we were going to see Black Panther. It was so good. Being a woman of slender means I decided to buy a few bags of £1 popcorn and a few bottles of cheap  pop to save on the… Continue reading Sneaking popcorn into the cinema :/

obsessin’ about deathin’: sweet honourable death.

Twelfth Night, Shakespeare. I've noticed the thoughts creeping back in; like unwelcome guests, they sidle at the edge of the pool of my mind. Failing that, they plunge straight into the internal conversation which unwittingly occurs, and spread ripples far and wide. But, just as I find myself becoming more expert at catching these negative… Continue reading obsessin’ about deathin’: sweet honourable death.