Sad mothers club. One’s flown the nest. Writing about feelings.

I can't deny I was a wreck, a total wreck and felt utterly bereaved. I wanted to take away this horrendous empty feeling that was left as my son went off to university 60 miles away for chrissake. I felt almost utterly ridiculous at how lost, lonely and sad I was. I'd have laughed if… Continue reading Sad mothers club. One’s flown the nest. Writing about feelings.

Transience of words: in blog writing

I've read a few blogs about blogging and how good it is to blog and things like that. I wanted to blog because I sometimes really need to write and I sometimes really like to. It's a nice way to see your words and ideas formatted on a tidy page and if anyone reads it… Continue reading Transience of words: in blog writing

Pain and Rain

Sometimes, isn't life just excruciating? I mean, on a very simple level, for example, as I type this on my new laptop, I will be typing away and suddenly realise that the cursor has magically jumped back seven words and is typing into another sentence and I have to delete it all and start all… Continue reading Pain and Rain