About Gaps in the Tapestry

written and spoken words; poems or prose; music or images can make sense where life doesn’t.

This site, is rather selfishly, my therapy and my friend.

Over the years I have gone through various bouts of mental illness and mental wellness and meh times; and joy times; including all of life’s joys and sadness’s; bereavement; births; family illnesses…

that old familiar rollercoaster….

well, in there, has been isolation and loneliness; desperation and despair and this at times, sustained for a long time, has amounted to depression at times….other medical diagnoses at other times… (another story!!).

the further I travel I realise more and more, that I am not alone or unique in these experiences and emotion,
but for so long I’ve kept them hidden to keep up appearances.

This pressure of maintaining a face of normalcy and okayness is part of the problem itself and the way madness lies.

I started this blog to try and make sense of my own journey; hoping to have faith in it, so that it may eventually teach me just one thing maybe, if not more about that little question of being alive and what it is like, and what it does to us. maybe sometimes even being able to offer advice if I find something that works.

i want my poems, prose and words to try and make sense of the gaps in life’s tapestry. if this resonates; bores; or anything more dramatic than that, then great, it’s served a purpose in some way…..

so that’s why i’m here.