It’s fine

you know.

I’m good with that.

You speak perfect sense

I did say this was a bad time.

It was nice, I won’t lie about that fact.

I enjoyed pretty much most of the time we spent

but it will still be crystalized for me in silly things like kites and

hills and hopeless dreams.

I knew it couldn’t last.

I already knew that.

And so while I have gone all stony for a time,

I will melt again into a different place.

I am not for all this man and woman malarkey anyway.

Never was.

I am sure there are many reasons I can think of as to why this is the best idea all round.

They are many.

There are sweet things I will take from this.

Thank you.

It did get too heavy

and I did become,

you know,

like the place below; the valley, where it’s dark and confusing and you just trip over your

own feet and roots of trees and stumble into the blackness.

I knew it would come that’s why I stay away.

I did say.

Better to love and lose, I suppose.

That’s just the way.

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