Forgotten water

I cannot write a thing

There seems to be a dearth of words

A dearth of inspiration

A dearth.

Suffocation is slow and creeping.

Behind the trees and under gnarled wood

the water stagnates

inert and inactive; dead to flow.

Death of spirit; corroding life; pools of murky water.

I am dying here

Suffocating in silence

Words trapped in my throat

Action stemmed and stopped.

Shrouded and surrounded by things.

I can’t.

My lifeline’s slipped

My steppingstone’s submerged slippery and covered in slime.

Ay up duck egg.

I struggle to move and breath is shallow or slow.

The mirror is cracked but stays there

Shards of glass falling into shards of glass.

Weeds strangle and obscure and

piles of things threaten to capsize into the rotting water.

Let my blood and let my energy

Let my water to flow.

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