break down

i’m here with you and it’s dead

breathing its last breath

and what am I supposed to do?

I’m doing nothing,

no resuscitation; no calling for help

there are no sirens.

just a long slow, long and cruel death as we breath our last breath.

I make the longest mistakes

because I am so afraid

of death rather pertinently.

and now I watch as we are strangulated

and slowly murdered.

18 long years breathe their last breath

but we still lie on the hospital bed

chest pumping air from the air pump

in life support.

but we’re dead.

where will I go from here?

where will you?

i’m so afraid.

so without a clue.

this may be the best or the worst decision I’ve ever made

but i’m scared.

i’m so scared.

and so sad too.

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