Transience of words: in blog writing

I’ve read a few blogs about blogging and how good it is to blog and things like that. I wanted to blog because I sometimes really need to write and I sometimes really like to. It’s a nice way to see your words and ideas formatted on a tidy page and if anyone reads it and likes it that’s a huge bonus. Why? I don’t know.

Part of me wonders what the point is; possibly because I don’t really know what to blog about except feelings, experience, life and stuff. When I look back at posts, I think, God, I should just delete this shit; I don’t feel that way any more…what’s my agenda?…. Tips on being happy? Recipes? Religion? Mental Health? I just don’t really have one.

Despite the written word being a kind of posterity thing, I’ve always liked the idea of transience. I suppose if something is published then it’s there for posterity, and if you’re a ‘somebody’ then your words will be held to your name. If you just blog willy nilly as a nobody, can you add a kind of transience disclaimer; like, this is what I felt on said date and needed to just express it there and then, but really I am far wiser and together than that and have really important stuff to say…..or whatever?

I like a quote from Margaret Drabble’s book of short stories ‘A day in the Life of a Smiling Woman’, (she writes really well):

This male character is accompanying his new wife up a random tower  somewhere (it’s probably not random at all, ‘Hassan’s Tower’),  I never worked out its significance and have not googled it).

…As his new wife insists on climbing this tower for whatever reason… he follows behind, and reaching the peak, he catches up to see her breathlessly admiring the view:

“She was standing at one corner of the wide square block, gazing out over the estuary towards the sea: the view was, as she has foreseen, breathtaking. In silence they stared at it, and he thought that it was very beautiful but somehow depressing because totally, totally unimportant, and pointless in a way that beautiful landscapes are, and yet there was Chloe staring at it in exaggerated affected passion  as though it mattered, as though it meant something….”

This resonates…..

More often than not I choose not to blog because my thoughts are half formed and the things I want to write on are transient and emotional. But perhaps writing about the transient stuff is the route to take.

Write. Write. Write… eventually the shit will stick?






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